TrainJR Tokyo station100 min by Nagano Shinkansen Nagano station70 min by Shinetsu-LineArai station5 min by taxiSnow Avalanche and Landslide Research Center
JR Niigata station100 min by JR Shinetu-line Limited ExpressNaoetsu station25 min by JR Shinetsu-line (To Nagano)
CarNiigata West I.C.100 min on Joshinetsu ExpresswayJoetsu I.C.40 min on local road
Suzaka Nagano East I.C.70 min on Joshinetsu ExpresswayNakago I.C.10 min on local road
<Note> Amount of time required is an estimate.
Nagano Shinkansen (Tokyo - Nagano) About 1hr and 40min.
ShinetsuLine (Nagano - Arai)About 1hr and 10min
TOTALAbout 2hrs and 50min
Niigata - Naoetsu - AraiAbout 2hrs and 30min
Joetsu Takada I.C. on Joshinetsu ExpresswayAbout 8km 15min
Nakago on Joshinestu ExpresswayAbout 4km 10min
Arai stationAbout. 2km 5min