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Employment Information (Tsukuba)

The following positions are currently open.

Researchers (Japanese text only)
Part-time researchers (Japanese text only)
Fixed-term researcher (management type)
The position is responsible for research projects that are planned for specific purposes and require a high level of expertise in the area, and is highly expected to be able to operate such projects in an efficient manner.
Extensive knowledge and adequate research/work experience in the area related to this position. (See the recruitment documents for details.)
Application reviews followed by interviews
The starting salary depends on years of relevant experience and other conditions according to the PWRI employment regulations (previous range: JPY285,200~402,400).
Bonuses, commuting allowance, dependent allowance, etc.
Health care, pension, unemployment, work-related injury Managed by the Mutual Aid Association of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Government housing is available if vacant.
and details
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Position: Research Specialist
Institute: Water-related Disaster Research Group of ICHARM PDF形式(295KB)
Number: One
※See the PDF file for details.
Research Specialist
PWRI employs researchers with particular skills and knowledge as Research Specialists. Researchers in this position will have access to PWRI's special research facilities and locally-collected data and engage in investigation and research with fellow researchers.
Research Specialists also have chance to publish papers on research and investigation in which they will be involved, which will be a great benefit to their career as researchers. Moreover, the results of research and investigation will contribute to more efficient execution of quality social infrastructure development by being incorporated in, for example, technical training at the institutional level and technical guidelines at the governmental level.
Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this job opportunity.
Master’s or doctoral degree
Job outline
Carry out part of research which requires immediate, intensive attention by using professional skills and knowledge.
and details
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