List of Telephone Numbers

Name of Division / Dept.       Dial-in
Secretariat Office +81-29-879-6701
General Affairs Department General Affairs Division +81-29-879-6700
Welfare Division +81-29-879-6743
Budget and Accounting DivisionWelfare Division +81-29-879-6746
Planning and Research Administration Department Planning and Management Division +81-29-879-6751
Facilities Management and Research Information Division +81-29-879-6754

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Tsukuba Central Research Institute

Name of Division / Dept.       Dial-in
Construction Technology Research Department Special Projects +81-29-879-6800
Advanced Technology Research Team +81-29-879-6757
Construction Technology Research Team +81-29-879-6759
Material and Geotechnical Engineering Research Group Advanced Materials Research Team +81-29-879-6763
Recycling Research Team +81-29-879-6765
Soil Mechanics and Dynamics Research Team +81-29-879-6767
Geology Research Team +81-29-879-6769
Concrete and Metallic Materials Research Team +81-29-879-6761
Water Environment Research Group River Restoration Research Team +81-29-879-6775
Water Quality Research Team +81-29-879-6777
Aqua Restoration Research Center (ARRC) +81-586-89-6035~6038
Hydraulic Engineering Research Group Dam Structure Research Team +81-29-879-6781
River and Dam Hydraulic Research Team +81-29-879-6783
Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group Volcano and Debris Flow Research Team +81-29-879-6785
Landslide Research Team +81-29-879-6787
Snow Avalanche and Landslide Research Center (SALRC) +81-255-72-4131
Road Technology Research Group Pavement Research Team +81-29-879-6789
Tunnel Research Team +81-29-879-6791
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Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI)

Name of Division / Dept.       Dial-in
Secretariat Office +81-11-841-1110
Planning Division +81-11-841-1636
Administration Department Administration Division +81-11-841-1624
Reception +81-11-841-1112
Accounting and Contract Division +81-11-841-1629
Director for Cold-Region Technology Development Coordination Cold-Region Technology Promotion Division +81-11-590-4046
Machinery Technology Research Team +81-11-590-4049
Cold-Region Construction Engineering Research Group Structures Research Team +81-11-841-1698
Materials Research Team +81-11-841-1719
Geotechnical Research Team +81-11-841-1709
Geological Hazards Research Team +81-11-841-1775
Cold-Region Hydraulic and Aquatic Environment Engineering Research Group River Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1639
Watershed Environmental Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1696
Port and Coast Research Team +81-11-841-1684
Fisheries Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1695
Cold Region Road Engineering Research Group Traffic Engineering Research Team +81-11-841-1738
Snow and Ice Research Team +81-11-841-1746
Road Maintenance Research Team +81-11-841-1747
Cold Region Agricultural Development Research Group Rural Resource Conservation Research Team +81-11-841-1754
Irrigation and Drainage Facilities Research Team +81-11-841-1764
Director for Special Research +81-11-841-1664
Technologies Consultation Center +81-11-590-4050
Research Buildings Building No.1 - Water Quality Testing Center +81-11-841-1842
Building No.1 - Road Information Analysis Center +81-11-841-6310
Building No.1 - Pavement Testing Center +81-11-841-1873
Building No.2 - Electrical Center +81-11-841-5280
Building No.2 - Soil Quality Testing Center +81-11-841-1853
Building No.2 - Landslide Testing Center +81-11-841-1891
Building No.3 - Image Analysis Center +81-11-841-1864
Building No.4 - Testing Center +81-11-841-1832
Building No.4 - Preparations Center +81-11-841-1845
Multipurpose Testing Center +81-11-841-1819
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International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management

Name of Division / Dept.       Dial-in
Water-related Hazard Research Group International Technical Exchange Team +81-29-879-68090
Disaster Risk Management Research Team +81-29-879-6809
Hydrologic Engineering Research Team +81-29-879-6779
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Center for Advanced Engineering Structural Assessment and
Research (CAESAR)

Name of Division / Dept.       Dial-in
Bridge and Structural Engineering Research Group +81-29-879-6773
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