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What should be done to stop the increase in Water-related Disasters in Asia-Pacific region?

Contribution by ICHARM/PWRI
to the 1st Asia-Pacific Water Summit (APWS).

The 1st APWS was held on 3 and 4 Dec. 2007 in Beppu city, Japan, where high-level policymakers and various other notable guests were invited to discuss and share views on the ways to better manage water-related issues, thus contributing to concrete actions. One of main issues raised was anticipated adverse effects on water related issues posed by Climate Change, including water-related disaster management.

The ICHARM undertook the responsibility of Lead Organization on "Water-related Disaster Management", which was one of three priority themes set for the APWS. While ICHARM highly contributed to preparation of "Policy Brief" which includes key messages and recommendations to the participants, it organized two major events in Beppu, as introduced below.

The policy brief which presented at APWS.

1, Organization of a Symposium (Open Event)

On 2 Dec., ICHARM, jointly with River Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, organized an symposium titled "Integrated approach to water-related disaster management", which was open to the public. Various opinions and views were presented by guests from international organizations, academia and government sectors.

The main focus was anticipated climate change. It was agreed that adaptation is as well important as mitigation in coping with climate change, and that adoption of flexible adaptive measures is necessary to realize integrated approach to water-related disaster management.

The result of discussion was compiled as Messages from the symposium to the APWS participants for consideration.

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Mr. Taniguchi, Vice-Minister for Engineering Affairs, of MLIT, makes speech.

Dr. Takeuchi, explains the "Messages from the symposium to the APWS participants".

2, Organization of a session at the APWS

On 4 Dec. 2007 ICHARM, as part of the Summit Program, organized as session of "Water-related Disaster Management"inviting high-level policymakers, representatives from international organization and academic experts.

After receiving precious policy directions, etc., from presenters, the participants agreed key messages that need to be addressed for better managing water-related disasters.

The result was presented by Prof. Takeuchi, Director of ICHARM at the closing ceremony of the 1st APWS.

Please click here (link) for program of this session, and Power-point files of some presentations.

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Participants are listening to letcures seriously (Summit).

Dr. Takeuchi, reports on the results of the topic session at the closeing ceremony.