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M.Sc. Program "2011-2012 Water-related Disaster Management Course of Disaster Management Policy Program" starts its fifth year and "Ph. D. Disaster Management Program 2011" starts its second year

New students and guests at the opening ceremony held at PWRI.

Mr. KARNA Barun Kumar (Nepal) speaks on behalf of the students.

The M.Sc. program, "2011-2012 Water-related Disaster Management Course of Disaster Management Policy Program," started its fifth year on 7 October. This year, nineteen students participate in the program from Bangladesh (2), China (2), Fiji (1), Indonesia (2), Nepal (2), Pakistan (6), the Philippines (1), Sri Lanka (1), Tunisia (1) and Vietnam (1). The opening ceremony was held at ICHARM on 7 October with the director of JICA Tsukuba, the chief executive of PWRI and other guests. On behalf of the students, Mr. Karna Barun Kumar from Nepal expressed his determination to complete the program successfully.

ICHARM also started the "Ph. D. Disaster Management Program" jointly with GRIPS in October 2010. ICHARM held a joint opening session for the Ph.D. program with the M.Sc. program. This year, three students have enrolled in this Ph.D. Program. We expect that the interaction between the two graduate programs will generate dynamic synergy effects for each other and ICHARM activities.

We will update you on the programs in future ICHARM Newsletters.

ICHARM Director Takeuchi welcomes new M.Sc. and Ph.D. students at the joint opening ceremony.

New students and ICHARM staff after the joint opening ceremony.