Visited the UNESCO-IHE to have a meeting with the Director, Prof. Meganck

On the afternoon of September 30, 2004, Mr. Terakawa and Mr. Ikeda visited the UNESCO-IHE (Institute for Water Education) Office in Delft, the Netherlands. Established in 2002 as a Category 1 Centre of UNESCO, it has the functional areas on water issues including "Education, Training and Research" and "Partnership Building and Networking" among others, and has established strong project-based partnerships/ networks with the other international, regional and national centres or institutes of the world. Also its alumni exceed over 12,000 in 120 countries.

We were warmly welcomed by Prof. Richard Meganck, Director of UNESCO-IHE and had a one-hour meeting, followed by looking at the facilities such as seminar rooms and laboratories. He expressed his strong willingness to collaborate with a new UNESCO Center in Tsukuba in the future, and kindly proposed us to introduce the preparatory activities to set up the Centre on the next UNESO-IHE newsletter, which is now widely disseminated all over the world.

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