ICHARM -- The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management


Report of The First ICHARM Advisory Board Meeting

On 15th September, the first ICHARM Advisory Board Meeting was held at PWRI.

According to the agreement between Japanese government and UNESCO (following the Japanese cabinet decision on 3rd March, 2006), an Advisory Board is setup for giving advice to the activities of ICHARM. This meeting is made up of up to 13 members commissioned by the Chief Executive of PWRI, which should include six regional members elected by the Intergovernmental Council of UNESO-IHP and a representative of the Director General of UNESCO. In principle, the board meets once in every two years. Based on the advice from the meeting, the Chief Executive of PWRI makes the final decision on the work plan and budget of ICHARM.

The meeting was held for about four hours, where valuable comments and advices were given from the board members to be included in the final version of the Action Plan.

ICHARM's Action Plan(2006-2008)