New Logo for ICHARM !! (December, 2005)

Best Logo Award

Excellent Logo Award

The ICHARM Logo Contest was held during November, and a total of 23 entries were received for the contest. After a thorough review by the ICHARM Logo Contest Committee, those contestants below were awarded with prizes.

♥ Best Logo Award ♥
Ms. Naomi Sekiguchi (Tsukuba, Ibaraki)
☺ Excellent Logo Award ☺
Mr. Hiroshi Sugiyama (Shizuoka, Shizuoka)
Ms. Atsuko Sugiyama (Chikusei, Ibaraki)
Mr. Yasunori Iwasaki (Shibuya, Tokyo)

On the right is the one that will be the ICHARM logo.
The logo shows a calm water surface consisting of three individual crescents. The upper crescent is from the PWRI logo; the lower one stands for the letter "U" from UNESCO; the third one refers to ICHARM. The three crescents together are expected to hold the image of gently embracing and supporting people and water all over the world by cooperating with one another.

The new ICHARM logo will be widely seen on our future brochures, publications, and other materials related to our activity.

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