ICHARM -- The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management



Opening Ceremony of ICHARM on March 3, 2006


Opening remarks by Dr.Sakamoto, PWRI Chief Executive

Unveiling ceremony for ICHARM's new building

Greetings by Dr. Takeuchi, Director of ICHARM

The opening ceremony of ICHARM was held at PWRI's auditorium in Tsukuba, Japan, on March 6, 2006.

A number of guests from governmental, prefectural, and municipal offices were invited to attend the ceremony; among them were Mr. Oshida (Deputy Director-General, River Bureau), Mr. Mochizuki (Director-General, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management), Mr. Nishida (Multilateral Cultural Cooperation Division, Public Diplomacy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Mr. Ishida (Chief, Planning Coordination Office, International Affairs Division, Commissioner's secretariat, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), to name a few.

Following the opening address by Dr. Sakamoto, PWRI Chief Executive, some of the guests expressed congratulations on ICHARM's official launch. Then, the unveiling ceremony for ICHARM's new building was held at its front entrance, where Dr. Takeuchi, appointed as the founding director of ICHARM, addressed his first speech expressing hopes for the new center. At last, the flags of Japan, the United Nations and PWRI were hoisted in front of the PWRI main building to complete the ceremony.

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