Professors at the Sichuan University of China visited PWRI
On 9th February 2004, Professors Cao Shu-you, Ding Jing and Zhang Lin of Sichuan University, China, visited the Public Works Research Institute (PWRI). In PWRI they gave speeches on current research on flood forecasting, dam hydraulics and sediment management in Southwest China, particularly in the Sichuan province.
The State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics on High Speed Flows (SKHL) of China, to which professor Cao belongs, is located at Sichuan University and can be considered as the Center of Excellence (COE) for high speed flows in China. Located in Sichuan province, the upper stream of the Yangtze River, research at the SKHL has been focusing on dam hydraulics, river dynamics and water resources, including sediment management and hydraulic experiments for the famous Dujiangyan hydraulic engineering that has a long history of more than 2260 years.
In this visit, the possibility of future cooperation was discussed between SKHL and the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management under the auspices of UNESCO to be established in PWRI. It was agreed that SKHL and PWRI exchange more frequent information in the future.
From the right:

Ding Jing, professor of Hydraulic and Hydro-electric Power School of Sichuan University
Zhang Lin, professor of Hydraulic and Hydro-electric Power School of Sichuan University, vice director of Hydraulic and Hydro-electric Power Research Institute.
Cao Shu-you, professor and director of SKHL.
Junichi Yoshitani, PWRI

During February 10-11th, the three professors visited the Kurobe River Basin Management Office of the Hokuriku Regional Bureau of the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry.@The director of the Kurobe Work Office, Mr. Hiroyuki Shindou, introduced them to the integrated management measures of the Kurobe river basin, including sediment management facilities. Professor Cao said that the integrated management measures for the Kurobe river basin are very advanced even on the world stage; such advanced experiences will be introduced to the postgraduate students in the specialized field of harbors and sediment management in Sichuan University.
From the left: Director Yoshiyuki Shindo, Professors Zhang Lin, Ding Jing, and Cao Shu-you
Authors: Junichi Yoshitani, senior researcher; Tianqi AO, previous JSPS fellow, currently in Yamanashi University.
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