IFAS ver. 2.0


ICHARM has developed an IFAS-based flood forecasting/warning system.

The major features of IFAS ver. 2.0 are as follows:

IFAS ver. 2.0 is newly equipped with:

Improved operability

Operability of IFAS ver. 2.0 was largely improved. Shortening operation time is crucial for real-time flood forecasting systems since river management authorities use them as an assistance tool for decision-making in flood forecasting and warning. This time reduction became possible by rewriting of IFAS’s program source code in c#.

Additional Geospatial data import function

IFAS ver. 2.0 contains additional import function of Geospatial soil and geology data. Hydrological parameters for runoff analysis model can be set automatically according to imported Geospatial data.

Note : Although visual design of IFAS hasn’t changed very much from the previous version, simulation models created by the previous version cannot run on IFAS ver. 2.0.

IFAS ver. 2.0 is also capable of:

Please download and try IFAS ver. 2.0 and send us comments and requests to the address below. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

IFAS ver. 2.0 download
For more information, please contact: suimon@pwri.go.jp
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