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Mohamed Rasmy of ICHARM thanked by Foreign Minister for disaster response efforts in Sri Lanka


In late May 2017, severe flood and landslide disasters occurred in Sri Lanka due to record heavy rainfall. At the request of the Sri Lanka government, the Japanese government sent the Japan Disaster Relief Expert Team (JDR) to the country to support emergency disaster response efforts. Senior Researcher of ICHARM Mohamed Rasmy participated in the efforts as a JDR expert.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a Letter-of-Appreciation Conferral Ceremony on January 31, 2018, to praise experts who participated in emergency disaster response missions around the world for their outstanding performance and contribution. Rasmy was awarded a letter of appreciation by Foreign Minister Tarō Kōno along with other experts.


- The Plenary Session for the Platform on Water and Disasters was held after the May flood disaster
   (in Sri Lanka [2017/09/04]

- Emergency support for flood management in Sri Lanka - Expectations for provision of real-time
   information for effective water-related disaster management by maximizing Japan’s advanced
   science and technology - [2017/07/07]

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