マクシム グシエフ
Research Specialist, Water-related Hazard Research Group
水災害研究グループ 専門研究員
Home town (country); 出身:
Ukraine; ウクライナ
Message; メッセージ:
My research interests are to improve our understanding of rainfall-runoff-subsurface hydrological processes on both local and regional scales with robust numerical models. Robust numerical models provide information about surface and groundwater dynamics, knowledge that is directly applicable to the enhancement of economic and societal benefits, and assessment of future water availability and water quality under climate uncertainties. For example, the accurate characterization of flood and drought risks with numerical models leads to implementation of relevant policies and adaptation strategies to deal with current and future natural disaster events".
Research Interest; 主な研究内容:
  • Development of distributed hydrologic, hydraulic and chemical transport models
  • Characterization of hydrological systems with isotopes such as Tritium with lumped parameter (black box) and distributed parameter (numerical) models
  • Hazard assessment of droughts and floods
  • Risk characterization under climate change for droughts and floods
  • Water resources management for protection of drinking water supply wells, springs, lakes and wetlands
Academic/Professional Experience and Qualifications; 主な学歴・職歴、資格など:
Education :
09 / 2004 – 05 / 2011 : Ph.D. School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University (IU), Bloomington, IN, USA. Ph.D. Defense: June 2010;
Title: “Improvements on Modeling Flow In and Underneath Wetlands”
09 / 2002 – 05 / 2004 : MSES SPEA, IU, Bloomington, IN, USA.
1) Water Resources;
2) Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Risk Assessment.
09 / 1999 – 03 / 2001 : Dip.Eng. National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU “KPI”), Kiev, Ukraine
Major: Ecology and Environmental Protection
09 / 1995 – 05 / 1999 : B. Eng., NTUU “KPI”.
Major: Chemical Technology and Engineering.
Professional Experiences (17 years):
Teaching Experience (7 years):

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