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Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities

Our major commitment has been to disseminate research-based understanding of freshwater ecosystems widely to all levels of society. For this purpose, besides actively presenting findings at academic meetings, we have hosted ARRC symposiums, participated in various types of exhibitions, conducted open-door experiments, and provided programs of environmental education.

ARRC symposium ARRC symposium

Once in every two to three years we host ARRC symposium in which findings are presented in layman's terms. Participants come with diverse backgrounds and from various levels of society including government personnel (national, prefectural, and local levels), university faculties and students, NGOs, and general public.

Exhibitions Exhibitions

We participate in various types of exhibitions related not only to river conservatorium but also to general environmental issues. Therein, we utilize various types of media to facilitate understanding of our research activities.

Open-door experiments Open-door experiments

To help public to understand what kind of experiments we are conducting, experiments are occasionally made open-door. This example shows the case in which the roles of interstitial spaces formed within stone embankments for fish were demonstrated.

Environmental education for children Environmental education for children

Environmental education program  is one of  the important and effective ways to help them to recognize the process of  stream ecosystems and how we should conserve them.

Visitor-friendly information posts Visitor-friendly information posts

In the area of our outdoor experimental facility (artificial channels), there are numerous information posts along its walk paths, which should help any visitors to grasp ideas on the functions of the facility as well as what kind of research activities have been done.


Newsletter (ARRC News) are issued several times a year and freely provided to the visitors. ARRC News is full of illustrations and recent accomplishments by our researchers; this is available on your request.


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