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Research subjects

Study on river bank protection and conservation methods applied to river restoration project
  • To understand ecological functions of various types of channel margins, and compile knowledge in the form of technical guidelines for management
  • To propose practical engineering methodology to effectively conserve range of ecological functions of channel margins
Study on environmental flow for maintaining ecological functions of river beds
  • To understand interactions between benthic macroinvertebrates, fish and algae, and to formulate empirical models to predict benthic algal biomass
  • To develop practical methodology of river-flow controls considering algal-biomass models
Study on restoration of river ecosystems in downstream region of dam by the gravel augmentation
  • To gain better understanding of degrading ecosystems downstream of dams
  • To determine benthic species indicative of ecosystem conditions downstream of dams, and elucidate causal relationships behind it
  • To develop feasible methodology in evaluating the effectiveness of gravel augmentation as a conservation tool
Study on ecological buffering capacity of aquatic plants
  • To understand roles that riparian and littoral vegetation (RLV) exert in maintaining native fish communities
  • To understand the effects of RLV on fish predation of birds
  • To understand the buffering capacity of RLV against water quality deterioration
Study on microhabitat environmental factors important to freshwater mussel distributions
  • To determine bio-physical environmental factors that affect micro-distribution of freshwater mussels
  • To understand the mechanisms by which optimal levels of such critical environmental conditions are maintained (e.g., channel dimensions and high-flow hydraulics)


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