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andslide Research Team  - dealing with  landslide disasters over Japan -

The dynamic tectonics and monsoonal climate of Japan results in steep landscapes, intense rainfall, and heavy snowfall, causing frequent debris flows, landslides, and hill slope collapses every year. Among them, landslides are triggered by both natural and man-induced causes, and the locations reflect geology and topography of the area. The Landslide Research Team conducts research on the mechanisms of landslides, developing monitoring techniques and improving countermeasures to prevent disasters. The social impact of landslide disasters is also an area of research interest.


 yMajor landslides in recent yearsz

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Tohoku Earthquakeia prompt reportj
Tohoku-Taiheiyo Earthquake,Shirakawa,Fukushima (Mar 2011)
Shimekake Izu
Shimekake,Yamagata(Jun 2009) Aratozawa, Miyagi (Jun 2008) Izu, Shizuoka (Jul 2007)
Shiroishi Kashiwazaki Wajima
Shiraishi, Miyagi (Jul 2007) Kashiwazaki, Niigata (Jul 2007) Wajima, Ishikawa (Mar 2007)
Kamikitayama Imari Nakagusuku
Kamikitayama, Nara (Jan 2007)

Imari, Saga (Sep 2006)

Nakagusuku, Okinawa(Jun2006)
Ibigawa Myouken Oto

Higashi-yokoyama, Gifu (May 2006)

Myouken, Niigata (Oct 2004)

Otou-mura, Nara (Aug 2004)

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