Quantitative habitat evaluation from physical condition

  1. Impact assessment of river engineering on wildlife and research and development for the wildlife monitoring systems (Advanced Multi Telemetry)
  2. Watershed management for Japanese native spices
  3. Development of monitoring systems and research of ecological functions for aquatic creatures

Water quality management for river ecosystem

  1. Impact of reservoir on downstream water quality and its ecosystems
  2. Water quality management for river ecosystem
  3. River material flow and riparian ecosystems

Riparian vegetation study for river management

  1. Classification of riparian vegetation
  2. Anthropological impact on riparian vegetation
  3. Management of riparian vegetation

Lake and wetland restoration

  1. Restoration techniques for submerged plant
  2. Effect of water level fluctuation on lake environment

Digital Restoration of old river environment

  1. Development of digitalizing method of old environment information for river restoration