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Recently, debris flows caused by volcanic eruptions or landslide dams induced by a heavy rainfall or an earthquake result in a great deal of serious damage to many people.
Furthermore, under the growing impacts of volcanic and seismic activities or global warming, relating large scale sediment disasters, such as debris flows, is a matter of concern. In order to manage the risk of the extraordinary debris flows, it is necessary to revise the existing tools to predict a scale, place and time of debris flow occurrence because of its extraordinariness.
Volcano and Debris Flow Research team aims at developing tools to predict scale, place and time of the extraordinary debris flows and new techniques for emergency surveys.
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 Research on estimation technology of potential areas affected by sediment movement based on monitoring
Reserch Staff
【Team Leader】 Yasuo ISHII
【Chief Researcher】 Masaki MIZUNO
【Deputy Team Leader】 Yoji CHIDA
【Senior Researcher】 Naoki FUJIMURA
【Senior Researcher】 Joko KAMIYAMA
【Researcher】 Nagazumi TAKEZAWA
【Researcher】 Jie DOU
【Researcher】 Hiromi AKITA
【Collaborating Researcher】 Norihisa SOMEYA
【Collaborating Researcher】 Sakiko TETSUKA
【Collaborating Researcher】 Nozomi YAMAMOTO
Public disclosure at the civil engineering day
 in November 2017

Survey of drift wood in Northern Kyushu disaster
 in July 2017

Debris flow disaster in Iide river basin of Iiyama city
 in June 2017
Public disclosure at the 58th Science and Technology Week
 in April 2017

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