25th US - Japan Bridge Engineering Workshop

25th BWS Agenda UP

The Task Committee G (Transportation System) hosted the 25th US-Japan Bridge Engineering Workshop during 19-21 October 2009, at the NILIM and the CAESAR, PWRI, Tsukuba Japan. The 2-1/2-day workshop focused on: 1) Earthquake Case Histories, 2) Inspection and Management, 3) Accelerated Bridge Construction, 4) Remedial Work & Partial Replacement, 5) Maintenance, 6) Seismic Performance Evaluation, and 7) Seismic Retrofit.

In addition to the workshop, there was a bridge study held after the workshop, October 22-23, 2009, visiting bridge sites:

- Acelerated bridge construction, Ton-ya machi Viaduct
- Seismic Retrofit, Tsuboyama Viaduct and Miwatari Bridge
- Construction of integral abutment jointless bridge, Okegawa Bridge
- Construction site of corrugated-steel web prestressed concrete brige, Ura Takao Bridge
- Construction site of narrow-two-box-girder bridge, Minami Asakawa Bridge,
- Construction site of wooden bridge, Uji-bashi Bridge,
- Maintenance for Kisogawa Oh-hashi Bridge

in the Kanto and Chubu regions.

Workshop Participants

Uji-bashi Bridge at Ise-Jingu in Mie, Japan