PWRI Outline

Message from President

National Research and Development Agency Public Works Research Institute (PWRI)
The 4th medium to long-term objectives for the six years from April 1, 2016 has started. In the objectives that have been instructed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, "maximization of research and development achievements" is the mission of the National Research and Development Agency Public Works Research Institute (PWRI). In other words, based on the primary purpose of the National Research and Development Agency, we, as the entire nation, “maximize” creation of research and development achievements that contribute to people's lives, economy, healthy development of culture and other public interest. We are expected to execute our mission appropriately through contributions to the efficient maintenance of quality social infrastructure and the development of Hokkaido by research results applying to society, based on the national policy for the land, infrastructure, transportation and tourism, and the agricultural and fishery industries related to Hokkaido administrative.
We are also expected to work on the following by heavily committing to the research and development. 1. Realization of a safe and secure society
2. Strategic maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure
3. Realization of a sustainable and vibrant society
From this instructed objectives, we have set our medium to long-term plan consisted of the 17 research and development programs so as to respond to highly demanding tasks for society. In these programs, we try to work effectively and efficiently by using following ways, taking into account the downward trend of working age population, the decreasing tendency of workers for construction, increasing number of retirees due to the population shift towards older ages:
1. setting the exploratory or challenging research fields in the programs,
2. conducting technical support to the public based on research results,
3. disseminating our research results,
4. international contributions in the field of civil engineering,
5. collaborating research with other research organizations.
Our nation faces many challenges such as heavier damages from natural disasters and aging public infrastructures. The importance of research and development on civil engineering for improvement of public infrastructures will be increasing. We also need to work on research and development in collaboration with external institutions through practical use of civil engineering by new technologies and leading edge technology such as ICT technology and new material.
PWRI has been conducting research and development on civil engineering to contribute to effectively improve good public infrastructures. We will work on research and development from short and long term view points towards requirements of society in Japan in order to achieve the 4th medium to long-term objectives.
PWRI will engage in international contribution acibities as the center of global research and development for civil engineering. We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation in this regard.

April 1, 2016


Personal history
June 1971: Graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo
July 1971: Joined Taisei Corporation
Jan. 1978: Resigned from Taisei Corporation
Feb. 1978: Research Associate at the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo
Sept. 1981: Associate Professor at the IIS, University of Tokyo
Feb. 1992: Professor at the IIS, University of Tokyo
April 1996: Director of the Central Workshop of the IIS, University of Tokyo (joint appointment until March 2000)
July 1998: Professor, International Center for Collaborative Research, University of Tokyo
April 2000: Deputy Director of the IIS, University of Tokyo (joint appointment until March 2002)
April 2001: Director and Professor at the International Center for Urban Safety Engineering of the IIS, University of Tokyo
April 2003: Director of the Chiba Experiment Station of the IIS, University of Tokyo (joint appointment until March 2007)
March 2007: Resigned from the IIS, University of Tokyo
April 2007: Professor at College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology
June 2007: Professor Emeritus at University of Tokyo
Aug. 2010: Resigned from Shibaura Institute of Technology
Aug. 2010: Appointed as the President of Public Works Research Institute