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Examination of concrete interior with X-rays Examination of concrete interior with X-rays

CAESAR is engaged in the research of inspection technologies to determine the status of a bridge both efficiently and logically, which includes a nondestructive inspection technology that reveals the internal conditions of a structure and a measurement and monitoring technology that detects the occurrence and progress of damages in a timely and efficient manner. We are also working to develop a maintenance management system that includes a technology for storage and application of information.
Knowing that the steel inside the concrete members suffers corrosion by salt damage, we developed, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Riken, a technology that uses a high-power X-ray and neutron beam to visualize the problems that are difficult to be detected in a regular inspection. This enables to detect insufficient filling of grout and rupture of steel bars at deeper parts of the members, as well as the amount of salt in the concrete.