Public Works Research Institute

Technical consultation


CAESAR collaborates with the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) to provide technical consultations to road administrators facing issues related to bridges and other structures.
We provide various forms of technical support to issues being faced by the road administrator of each bridge, such as damages or deformations caused by aging, earthquakes, and other disasters, as well as design and execution-related problems. Through close cooperation with the administrators, we propose methods to examine and evaluate the bridge, diagnose the cause of the damages and suggest reinforcement methods, dispatch technicians to the site according to its request, etc.

Scene of a direct diagnosis Scene of a direct diagnosis

The local governments that manage large numbers of facilities require increasingly more financial and technical support to counter the issue of aging roads. Since FY2014, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has conducted direct diagnosis on bridges that are more likely to require urgent and high-level technical power, as a form of support measure to local governments. A direct diagnosis by the head equator occurs when further assistance is required in consideration of the technical capacity of the local governments (e.g., cases with a complex structure, with severe damages, and high social importance) despite a rule that determines “road facilities such as bridges and tunnels must be managed responsibly by each road administrator.” In such cases, the state dispatches a “road maintenance technical group” composed of personnel of NILIM and Regional Development Bureaus to provide technical advice. CAESAR then joints the technical group along with NILIM and gives technical support.