Editor's Note

PWRI Web Magazine Editorial Staff
P.R. Managerial Meeting
General Manager: Dr.Kazunori Wada   Representative managers: Mr.Tomio Akita, Mr. Yukio Kobayashi, Mr. Toshio Yarimizo, Mr. Masuo Kondo, Mr. Minoru Kikuchi, Mr. Makoto Kimura
Managers: Mr. Takahiro Kato, Mr. Mitsuhiro Sanada, Mr. Satoshi Ogata, Ms. Yukiko Inagaki, Mr. Hiroyuki Nitta, Mr. Akihiro Takahashi, Mr. Keigo Nakamura, Mr. Masanori Hukushima, Mr. Koji Ishida, Mr. Masaru Terada, Mr. Naoki Yanatori, Mr. Norimichi Takemoto
Mr. Junichi Nishikawa, Mr. Wataru Takahashi   Representative managers: Mr. Syuuichi Ota, Mr. Toshihiro Nakamori   Managers: Mr. Takaharu Sasaki, Mr. Takayuki Sawada, Ms. Junko Abe, Ms. Sayaka Okazaki

Editor's Note
My name is Kato, and I've been placed in charge of editing this Web Magazine.
When I was first told about the Web Magazine project and asked to take charge, I didn't even know what a Web magazine was. But now I am happy to present to you the first issue.
In preparing to issue the Web Magazine, I thought that it would make no sense if I myself did not have sufficient knowledge about PWRI. I returned to the basics and did a lot of research to find out what PWRI is and what it does. This Web Magazine is intended for non-expert readers and my focus in editing has been to make a magazine easy to understand even for someone who, like myself, does not have civil engineering expertise. I will strive to make the Magazine Helpful in making the knowledge of civil engineering useful for daily life and filled with Humor to bring Happiness to readers.
Based on my own kind of "3H" motto, I would like to offer you information about PWRI from various perspectives. Thank you for your interest.

(Takahiro Kato)