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Organization & Staff

iMaRRC is one of the integral research centers of the Public Works Research Institute. iMaRRC involves the Materials and Resources Research Group that consists of the director, five chief researchers, and more than twenty researchers and staffs.

Yoshikazu YAMAGUCHI Executive Director of iMaRRC
Taketo UOMOTO Adviser of iMaRRC
Hiroshi WATANABE Director of Materials and
Resources Research Group
Seishi MEIARASHI  Materials and Resources
Research Group
Itaru NISHIZAKI Chief Researcher
(Advanced Materials and Improvement)
Hiroyuki SHIGEMURA Chief Researcher
Hirohisa KOGA Chief Researcher
(Concrete and Metallic Materials)
Hiroyuki NITTA Chief Researcher
(Innovative Materials Application)
Shintaro YASUNAKA Chief Researcher
(Materials for Cold Region)
Hiroshi KATAHIRA Principal Senior Researcher
Mamoru SUWA Senior Researcher
Iwao SASAKI Senior Researcher
Tomonori TOMIYAMA Senior Researcher
Eisuke NAKAMURA Senior Researcher
Yuji OKAYASU Senior Researcher
Tsuyoshi HYAKUTAKE  Senior Researcher
Yuya KATO Researcher
Kensuke SAKURAI Researcher
Yoko KAWASHIMA Researcher
 Hiroki SAKURABA Researcher
Yukiyo YAMASAKI Researcher
Suntae LEE Researcher
Fumimasa TAYU Collaborating Researcher
Kensuke MITO Collaborating Researcher
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