Contact for Technical Assistance

By request from Regional Development Bureaus, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, local municipal entities and public corporations, PWRI offers on-site technical assistance to solve public work related problems and to recover from disasters.

Contact for Technical Assistance
CERI(Japanese only)
PWRI coordination system (Contact for technical assistance)

Please feel free to utilize PWRI as an advising solution partner to solve any kinds of technical problems.

What is PWRI Coordination System?

PWRI Coordination System intends to cooperate with the government and local governments and solve their problems in terms of their public works by offering consultations and providing assistance and funded research as needed. PWRI also offers consultations with private research institutes intended to put seed technologies into practical use and streamline research and development of those technologies, which satisfy PWRI's needs, through joint research.
By cooperating on challenges with the government, local governments and private research institutes, PWRI can figure out the best measurements to meet needs of the age and effectively implement public works as well as put technologies into practical use.

How to consult with PWRI

Phone consultation and consultation form are available.

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