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The mission of ICHARM is to serve as the Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management by, inter alia, observing and analyzing natural and social phenomena, developing methodologies and tools, building capacities, creating knowledge networks, and disseminating lessons and information in order to help governments and all stakeholders manage risks of water related hazards at global, national, and community levels. The hazards to be addressed include floods, droughts, landslides, debris flows, tsunamis, storm surges, water contamination, and snow and ice disasters.
 We envision a Center of Excellence housing a group of leading people, superior facilities, and a knowledge base which enables conducting i) innovative research, ii) effective capacity building, and iii) efficient information networking. Based on these three pillars, ICHARM will globally serve as a knowledge hub for best national/local practices and an advisor in policy making.
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27 April 2018
ICHARM Newsletter Volume 13 No.1 (Issue No.48) is now available check

The latest version of ICHARM newsletter is now available.

Message from Director
3rd ICHARM Governing Board Meeting held in Tokyo
ICHARM R&D seminar held
Introduction of ICHARM research projects
  1, Yousuke Nakamura, Exchange researcher, [RRI-model simulation of a flash flood in the Kagetsu River due to the northern Kyushu heavy rain in July 2017]
  2, Akira Hasegawa, Former Research specialist, [Meteorological drought assessment of climate projections with different GHG scenarios in the end of 21st century]
  3, Yoshito Kikumori, Senior researcher, [Development of Learning Support Materials for Hydrology and Hydraulics using CommonMP]
  4, Hitoshi Umino, Senior researcher, [Estimation of flood damage in the upper Citarum River basin, Indonesia]
Second Field Survey in the Sittaung River of Myanmar to Investigate Riverbank and Coastal Erosion
The 50th Annual Session of Typhoon Committee in Hanoi
Meeting with the Philippine organization and field survey
Participation in the 8th World Water Forum
Establishment of IFI Platform in Indonesia and discussion on "TOUGOU" Research Project
Meeting with the core organizations of the IFI Platform in the Philippines
2nd Plenary Session for the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters held in Sri Lanka
Educational Program Updates
Annual Hanami lunch
Personnel change announcement
ICHARM will renew the website soon
Comments from visiting researchers
Business Trips

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27 April 2018
Message from Director updated.   check


5 April 2018
2nd Plenary Session for the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters in Sri Lanka   check


27 February 2018
59th and 60th ICHARM R&D seminar held  


22 February 2018
3rd ICHARM Governing Board Meeting was held  


7 February 2018
Mohamed Rasmy of ICHARM thanked by Foreign Minister for disaster response efforts in Sri Lanka  


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