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Message from Director


  Make a Preemptive Action

Serious human and economic losses occurred due to the floods and sediment disasters in Sri Lanka in May and in Kyushu, Japan, in July. Both events were caused by long hours of torrential rainfall from cumulonimbus clouds rising one after another as a result of water vapor convergence in interaction with characteristic topography under a typical synoptic atmospheric pattern.

In Sri Lanka, the disaster occurred right at the time when, in response to a proposal by the International Flood Initiative (IFI), the Meteorology Department, the Irrigation Department, and the Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development were cooperatively in preparation for building a national platform, where observed data and model outputs will be shared and concerted actions will be taken for disaster risk reduction,. In Japan, a new policy, promoting “reconstruction of a society where water-related disaster risk reduction should be fully recognized,” was adopted recently in a nod to the Kinu River Floods in 2015 and the Hokkaido and Iwate Floods and Sediment Disasters in 2016 due to anomalous patterns of typhoons. Successively, the Flood Prevention Act and the Sediment Disaster Prevention Act were revised, and the Urgent Action Plan was just implemented.

For all these efforts, unfortunately, we are always reactive in taking measures. How can we turn the tide so as to take a proactive approach?

We as society need to take actions based on prevision backed by science and technology to build societal resilience, with which we will be able to better manage increasing risk of unexperienced disasters resulting from changes in climate and society. To this end, science and technology should make efforts to achieve accountability and earn the trust of society. Considering the implementation of science and technology in society as an academic frontier, ICHARM will develop its capability for supporting emergency actions step by step and contribute to building a resilient society, which can make preemptive moves smoothly and quickly when facing emergency.

31 July 2017
Toshio KOIKE
Director of ICHARM