ICHARM will organize a technical session during the World Bosai Forum 2019 to be held at the Sendai International Center on November 9-12, 2019 in collaboration with the relevant organizations. We are looking forward to your active participation. 世界防災フォーラム ロゴ

Contribution from meteorology, hydrology and DRR
for the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters


15:30 – 17:00, Monday, 11 November 2019
Main Hall, Conference Bldg. 2F, Sendai International Center
Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0856, Japan
Prior registration is required for participation in the World Bosai Forum.
Water related disasters including floods and typhoon-induced disasters are the key challenges for sustainable development on the society and economy. They will also be aggravated by climate change and the societal change. Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response has been prioritized in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). Such efforts require effective hydro-meteorological monitoring and forecasting, and its utilization to mitigate the damages through early warning, smooth evacuation, and promotion of preparedness and preventive activities.

Consecutive efforts are important for water-related disaster risk reduction. Building the collaborative scheme are essential among these responsible governmental sectors. In collaboration with UN agencies, International Flood Initiative (IFI) is now being promoted. Under the IFI, the efforts are being made to establish the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters where the departments of meteorology, hydrology and DRR of each country meet together. In this Platform, each department provides data, it is planned to develop more effective flood management through flood forecasting and socio-economic assessment.

With an aim at promoting more effective flood management by utilizing the Platform, this session highlights the key roles of the governmental sectors of meteorology, hydrology and DRR in Japan and the Asian countries, and discuss how to build more effective collaborative scheme among them.
<Keynote Speech>
“Lessons learned from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami for the mitigation in the future”
Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, Director, IRIDeS, Tohoku University
<Presentations & Panel Discussion>

Prof. Toshio Koike, Director, ICHARM
Dr. Hisaki Eito, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)
Dr. Masahiko Murase, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
Prof. Koji Suzuki, Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
Mr. Adisorn Champathong, RID, Thailand
Dr. Chung Soo Kim, KICT, Republic of Korea
Mr. Özgür Tuna Özmen, AFAD, Turkey