ICHARM training policy For Capacity Development

ICHARM has been providing training programs that empower both individuals and organizations in disaster management. ICHARM also offers post-training follow-up activities, such as seminars for ex-trainees in their countries, to grasp their facing issues and establish new training courses.

Table: Number of Alumni of ICHARM training program

1. M.Sc. program:

This one-year M.Sc. program, "Water-related Disaster Management Course of Disaster Management Policy Program," has been provided since 2007 jointly with JICA and GRIPS. The program is mainly designed for administrators in flood management in developing countries. Students attend lectures, practices and field trips in the first half and work on a Master's thesis in the latter half.

2. Ph.D. program:

This three-year Ph.D. program, "Disaster Management Program," has been provided since 2010 in collaboration with GRIPS. The Program is aimed for technical officials, engineers, and researchers in the fields of water-related disasters and disaster risk management policy in developing countries. After completing the program, graduates are expected to hold leadership positions in water-related disaster management.

3. Follow-up activity:

Post-training seminars and other workshops and meetings are occasionally organized mainly to support ex-trainees' activities in their countries.

4. Short-term training program:

Participants learn knowledge and technologies relevant to water-related disaster risk management for a period of several days or weeks. Training courses are typically conducted in cooperation with JICA.