ICHARM research strategies by 5 categories

Based on the ICHARM research strategies by 5 categories, ICHARM will accumulate a broad range of knowledge and produce high-quality research outcomes to make practical policy recommendations and solve problems in the field of water disaster reduction, including methods for observing, forecasting and analyzing water related disaster hazards and methods for assessing, analyzing and monitoring exposure and vulnerability.

(1) Data collection, storage, sharing, and statistics on water related disasters
(2) Risk assessment on water related disasters
(3) Monitoring and prediction of changes in water related disaster risk
(4) Proposal, evaluation and application of policy ideas for water related disaster risk reduction
(5) Support in constructing the applicability of water-related disaster management

Current research themes

R&D program by PWRI grant

PWRI works on the following issues revealed at the medium to long-term objectives to focus on socially demanding issues while looking at the future;

  1. Contribution to realization of a safe and secure society,
  2. Contribution to strategic maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure, and
  3. Contribution to realization of a sustainable and vibrant society

For achieving these issues effectively and efficiently, PWRI categorizes these issues as "R&D programs" by the subjects to be solved, or the method of such as technical instruction and technological dissemination.

ICHARM has been conducting one R&D program, “Development of technology to support risk management for water-related disasters occurring more frequently and severely in Japan and overseas.

For more detail, please visit the following PWRI web site;

Researches by outside fund

Other major researches

Past research themes