Message from Executive Director

Prof. Koike 

ICHARM was established in March 2006 as part of the Public Works Research Institute, a core civil engineering research center of Japan with a 100-year history, based on an agreement between UNESCO and the Government of Japan, with the aim of mitigating water-related disaster risks worldwide.

As the climate changes, extreme water disasters such as large-scale floods and prolonged droughts have become frequent in many parts of the world. To cope with such disasters, all stakeholders must join concerted efforts to transform societies into resilient, sustainable ones. This transformation requires science and technology to propel the conciliation of knowledge through interdisciplinary collaboration. It also requires cultivating human resources who can act as catalysts to link cutting-edge technologies to individual actions.

ICHARM has been developing advanced scientific knowledge in meteorology, hydrology, sediment hydraulics, river engineering, geography, remote sensing, and risk management, while continuing efforts to integrate knowledge in collaboration with various academic fields, such as agriculture, economics, and sociology. At the same time, we have been striving to foster human resources by strengthening cooperation with various countries, regions, and international organizations.

ICHARM will deepen and broaden its activities to enhance science, technology, and capacity building, thereby reducing water-related disaster risks and contributing further to the implementation and improvement of well-being in society.

KOIKE Toshio
Executive Director of ICHARM
Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Council Member of Japan Science Council, Cabinet Office,
Fellow of the Japan Federation of Engineering Societies, "International Contribution Award", Japan Water Prize,
"Science Award" by the Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources

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