Research Activities

Research and development (R&D) Program

PWRI will work on research and development by establishing 15 specific R&D programs based on three R&D themes in order to focus on issues with high social demands while looking to the future.

Contribution to development of national land that protects lives and livelihoods against natural disasters

  • (1)  Development of Technologies for Promoting "River Basin Disaster Resilience and Sustainability by All"
  • (2) Development of Risk Reduction Technologies for Emerging Sediment-related Disasters
  • (3) Development of disaster prevention and mitigation technologies for extreme snow and ice disasters
  • (4) Development of Advanced Technologies to Ensure the Functions of Infrastructure from Large Earthquake

Contribution to management of smart and sustainable infrastructure

  • (5) Development of Technologies for Continuous Monitoring and Management of Rivers and River Basins under Climate Change
  • (6) Development of Technologies for Infrastructure Improvement
  • (7) Development of Technologies for Preventive Maintenance of Infrastructure
  • (8) Development of Efficient Maintenance and Management Technologies for Infrastructure under Snowy and Cold Environment
  • (9) Research and Development to Improve Productivity in Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance

Contribution to realization of vibrant attractive region and living

  • (10) Development of Methods for Sustainable Management of Water Resources and Environment to Cope with Climate Change
  • (11) Research and development on providing winter road services that support regional communities
  • (12) Development of Technologies for the Better Use of Local Resources and the Reduction of Environmental Load
  • (13) Research and development on redesign of public spaces for comfortable and high-quality of life
  • (14) Development of Technologies for Maintenance and Management of Agricultural Infrastructure in the Snowy Cold Regions Contributing to being Growth Industry and Resilient
  • (15) Study on the development and conservation of fishery infrastructure of cold waters that contribute to increasing productivity of fishery resources
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Previous Priority Research Development

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