Research Activities

Development of technology for the mitigation of snow and ice disasters caused by extreme weather

Research Summary

In recent years, a large number of vehicles stranded on the roads, traffic closure for long hours and isolation of communities have caused by unusual snow storm, snow falls, and avalanches due to effect of climate change.
Therefore, in this research program, we are committed to realizes the three goals below based on "technology development in order to reduce the damage caused by snow and ice disasters that extreme weather will bring".

  1. Identification of the actual condition of snow and ice disasters caused by extreme weather and development of risk assessment technology
  2. Development of technology for prediction of poor visibility occurred on various winter roads
  3. Development of technology to improve performance of snowstorm countermeasure facilities and snow removal vehicles

We will give research result of above goals back to society and continue to support reduction of traffic interruption or damages to communities caused by snow and ice disaster which have occurred more frequent and complex.