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PWRI Technologies Information

The below is the technologies PWRI has developed.

NETIS Recommended technologies

  • * Recommended technology
  • Rumble Strips PDF(327KB)(FY2009 selected, Japanese only)
  • * Quasi Recommended technology
  • Kui Taishin-SSP Method PDF(495KB)(FY2009 selected, Japanese only)

PWRI Recommended Technologies

Following technologies are mature and aggressively have been promoted. For further details, visit the following link. (Japanese only)

TechnologyTechnological FieldTechnological Characteristics
The ALiCC (Arch action Low improvement ration Cement Column) methodCommonA design technology for low improvement ratio soft-ground stabilization using the idea of arch action
The Invairowan methodCommonAn environment-friendly technique for on-site removal of coating film of steel structures
Pressurized fluidized bed incinerator with turbochargerSewageA technology to combust sludge from sewage plants at low energy and generate new energy
Gas-liquid dissolving apparatus Dam / RiverTechnology improving dissolved oxygen concentration at bottoms of dam reservoirs and lakes
Subsurface water level observation system for leveeRiverA technology to bore a subsurface water level observation hole in a short time
The new high capacity micro pile methodRoadA technology to construct pile foundation even in narrow spaces
Multi-point slope failure monitoring system by optical fiber sensorRoadA technology to measure slope displacement in wide areas using optical fiber sensors
Gravity thickening technology of sewage sludge using water path forming polesSewageA technology to increase sedimentation rate of sewage sludge particle and provide denser thickened sludge
Exploration technology using Land StreamerCommonA high resolution imaging technology for the near-surface
Advanced telemetry systemRiverAn automated investigation technology for migration routes of wild animals
Ultrasonic testing method for detecting fatigue crack in existing orthotropic steel decksRoadUltrasonic testing technique for detecting invisible fatigue crack at weld of orthotropic steel decks
Earthquake damage detection / evaluation systemRoadA technology to detect and evaluate the earthquake damage of bridges immediately
Groundwater investigation methods such as heating type groundwater prospecting methodCommonHeating type groundwater prospecting method using heater and temperature sensor, and groundwater tracing method using high density oxygen
The anti-corrosive reinforcement method for heavy duty coatings of steel bridge by titanium foilsRoadA technology to improve corrosion protection performance of corner parts that are hard to coat and rust easily by application titanium foil sheets
Test method for quick measurement of concrete unit water content using air metersCommonA technology to evaluate concrete unit water content quickly and easily
Application of ecology cement concrete in constructionCommonEcology cement can reduce environmental burden of municipal waste products
The High Grade Soil methodsCommonThe methods to use low quality soil at construction site
Toxicity biosensorRiverA continuous monitoring system to detect toxic substances in water
Creating / checking system for HQ rating curve (HQ system)RiverA technology to obtain convenience in practical businesses and support creation of H-Q curve formula by data saving
  HQ system site
Flow rate observation technology using non-contact current meterRiverA technology to solve problems including shortage of manpower, discontinuity of observation value and indeterminateness of peak flow rate
Speeding up and downsizing technology of water conduit for pumpRiverA technology to downsize facilities of drainage pumping station
The seepage control method by improvement of soils around sluicewaysRiverA technology to construct shielding membrane by improvement of soils against cavity and bleeding channel around sluiceways
The fracture direction controlled grouting methodDamA technology to improve foundation in imperviousness and strength and to effectively inject grout by control of direction of progressing fractures generated by grout
Boulder block fishway River / Erosion and torrent control / Dam A channel block to facilitate diversified velocity distribution depending on conditions and to reduce costs
Absorption storage method for digestion gasSewageA technology to store digestion gas 20-30 times as much as usual low pressure technology
Erosion control method by bagasse mixingErosion and torrent controlAn erosion control technology using bagasse (sugarcane trash)
Survey method for fissures in a rock mass by air tracer testRoadA technology to correctly evaluate and estimate distribution of fissures and collapse-prone blocks in rock mass slope
Vibration reduction pavementRoadA technology to reduce traffic vibration
Variant cross-section shield tunneling methodRoadA technology to excavate rational configuration tunnels suitable for high-degree application of underground space
Tunnel cross-section expansion methodRoadA tunnel cross-section expansion technology to shorten work period, reduce construction cost and shorten traffic control period compared to conventional method
Eco-friendly antifreezing technology for winter road surfaceRoadNon-chloride antifreezing agent and its effective spreading
Structure antifouling technologyRoadAn useful technology for maintaining structures finely