Research Activities


Acceptance of Donations

Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) is accepting experimental apparatus used for joint projects, cash, marketable securities, land or building as "donations".

1.Donation shall be in the form of assets such as cash or goods.

2.Acceptance criteria are following below.

1.Donation shall be within the range regulated by Article 12 of the Incorporated Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute law.

2.It should be possible to confirm that person who is about to donate or provide subsidies or other assets will not demand counter-performance from PWRI.

3.Please use "Donation application form" PDF(PDF (Japanese only)) for applying for the donation.

PWRI is a designated public interest corporation; therefore, it is eligible for tax exemptions.

  • Donations from corporations will be calculated within the amount equal to the amount of the allowable limit of deductible expenses, and will be separated with this amount.
  • Donations from individuals will be considered as specified donations, and will become eligible for deduction.

Inquiries: Planning and Research Administration Department, Planning and Management Division
(e-mail: kikaku@pwri.gojp)