PWRI Outline

History of PWRI


May 1921 Established as the Road Materials Testing Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Sep. 1922 Reorganized as the Civil Engineering Laboratory in Komagome, Tokyo.
Aug. 1937 Founded as the Testing Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department, Hokkaido Agency.
Sep. 1947 Became independent as the Hokkaido Civil Engineering Institute.
July 1948 Renamed as the Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction.
July 1951 Attached to the newly established Hokkaido Development Bureau and renamed as the Civil Engineering Research Institute.
Apr. 1988 Reorganized the entire body.
Apr. 2001 Established the Independent Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute. The Niigata Experimental Laboratory and the Aqua Restoration Research Center remained with PWRI.
Apr. 2001 Renamed as the Independent Administrative Institution the Civil Engineering Research Institute of Hokkaido.
Mar. 2006 Established the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management.
Apr. 2006 Integrated as the Incorporated Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute.
Apr. 2008 Established the Center for Advanced Engineering Structural Assessment and Research.
Apr. 2015 Transformed into the National Research and Development Agency Public Works Research Institute.
Apr. 2015 Established the Innovative Materials and Resources Research Center.