Research Activities

Joint Projects

Regulations for joint projectsPDF(159KB) (Japanese only)

Outline of regulations for joint projectsPDF(162KB) (Japanese only)

Procedure flow for joint projects (Japanese only)

Necessary forms related to joint projects (Japanese only)

  • Implementation acceptance form [For PWRI designating partners type joint projects]WORD format WORD format
  • Application form [For public offering type joint projects]
    WORD formatWORD format  (entry pointPDF(143KB))
  • Application form [For "PWRI designating partners" and "public offering" parallel type joint projects]  WORD formatWORD format  (entry pointPDF(143KB))
  • Application form (proposal of theme) [For public sector proposed type joint projects] WORD format WORD format  (entry pointPDF(129KB))
  • One year plan of joint project [For continuance] WORD format WORD format
  • Standard agreement of joint project WORD format WORD format