Research Activities

Development of sustainable sediment management technology in sediment transport system

Research Summary

Consistent comprehensive sediment management from the mountains to the coast is required to solve the safety and operation issues caused by the flow of sediment, and preserve the natural environment and landscape formed by sediment.
The development of technology that contribute to the realization of the development and effective sediment management of technology to contribute to the collection and analysis of data related to sediment transport can be found in the still developing stage. For promotion of comprehensive sediment management, we are still in the process of developments of technology for data collection/analysis about sediment movement and technology for realization of efficient sediment management.

  1. Development of technology for monitoring sediment dynamics
  2. Development of technology for prediction and evaluation for impacts of changes in sediment dynamics on aquatic and terrestrial environments and development of the sediment management technology with these prediction and evaluation
  3. Development of technology for sediment management technology using water level difference

With the development of technology, we aim to contribute sediment dynamics monitor, survey and prediction of sediment production source, prediction and evaluation for impacts of changes in sediment dynamics on river environment, sustainable sediment management by sediment supply.