24th US - Japan Bridge Engineering Workshop

24th BWS Agenda UP


September 22-24, 2008

September 22, Monday - Day 1 Workshop

8:30Opening Session
David Sanders and Masahiro Shirato

    US Side Welcome

    Japanese Side Welcome

8:45 Session 2: Seismic Response
Moderators: Mike Keever and Masahiro Shirato

  1. A Study on the Validity of a Seismic Analysis Method in Consideration of the Entire Bridge Systems
    Shin-ya Okada(Cold Region PWRI),Hiroshi Mitamura
  2. Pushover Analysis of the I-155 Bridge Near Caruthersville, Missouri
    Mark Capron(Jacobs Fellow, Project Manager)
  3. Seismic Reinforcement of 1st Ibi Viaduct
    Sunao Kawabata(Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co.,Ltd)
  4. Inelastic Seismic Response Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers with Three-Dimensional FE Analysis Method
    Guangfeng Zhang(PWRI),Shigeki Unjoh
  5. Influence of Changes in Boundary Conditions on Bridge Response
    Paul Barr, M.W. Halling (Utah State University),M.W.Halling,and K.C. Womack

10:15 Morning Break

10:35 Session 3: Concrete I
Moderators: Sri Sritharan and Guangfeng Zhang

  1. Insight Investigation of Seismic Performance of RC Circular Bridge Columns under Combined Loadings
    DJ Belarbi(Missouri University of science and Technology), S.P. Shanmugamand and Pedro Silva
  2. Effectiveness of Cohesion on Horizontal Shear Transfer for Composite Prestressed Concrete Girders
    Yoshiki Tanaka(PWRI),Jun Murakoshi, Hiroshi Yasumori, Hiroshi Asai, and Sadaaki Nakamura
  3. Suitability of Bridge Made with Precast Components in Areas of High or Moderate Seismicity
    Bijan Khaleghi(Washington State Department of Transportation)
  4. Investigation of Near-Fault vs. Far Field Ground Motion Effects on a Substandard Bridge Bent
    M. Saiid Saiidi(University of Nevada),Austin Brown

11:50 Lunch and Group Picture

13:15 Session 4:Maintenance I
Moderators: Ian Friedland and Atsushi Yoshioka

  1. A Proposal for Maintenance Manual of Weathering Steel Bridges
    Eiki Yamaguchi(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  2. Evolution of Parallel Wire Cable Condition Assessment - A Case Study
    Barney Martin(President, Modjeski and Masters, Inc)
  3. Distribution of Damage Rating of Bridge Members and a Few Considerations
    Hiroshi Sato(University of Tsukuba)
  4. New York City Bridges: Expenditures, Conditions and Services
    Bojidar Yanev(Columbia University)
  5. Preliminary Study on Post-Earthquake Information Sharing for Facilitating Emergency Activities
    Yoshihiro Nakao(NILIM)

14:15 Afternoon Break

15:10Session 5: Response II
Moderators:Bijan Khaleghi and Shigeki Unjoh

  1. Coefficient of Dynamic Horizontal Subgrade Reaction of Pile Foundations on Problematic Ground in Hokkaido
    Hirofumi Fukushima(Cold Region, PWRI)
  2. Caltrans Evolving Seismic Design Practice
    Mike Keever(California Department of Transportation)
  3. Numerical Evaluation for the Key Design Parameters that Can Control the Seismic Performance of Highway Bridge Pier-Shallow Foundation Systems
    Masahiro Shirato(PWRI),Tetsuya Kouno, and Shoichi Nakatani
  4. Response of Ordinary Highway Bridges to Horizontal and Vertical Ground Motions
    Sashi K. Kunnath(University of California, Davis), Emrah Erduran, Li-Hong Sheng, and Mark Yashinsky
  5. The Lessons Learned of Bridge Performance in the Wuchuan Earthquake, China (May 12, 2008)
    Phil Yen(Federal Highway Administration)(Paper distributed at the workshop)

September 23, Tuesday - Day 2 Workshop

8:30 Session 6: Planning for the Future
Moderators: Theodore Zoli and Toshiaki Nanazawa

  1. Seattle's Seismic Retrofit Program
    David Korpi(Senior Project Manager Bridge & Structures),Robert Richardson and Yuling Teo
  2. Study on the Durability of Surface Coating Materials for Concrete Structures
    Iwao Sasaki(PWRI)
  3. Structural Monitoring using Piezoelectric Film
    Koichi Yokoyama(Ibaraki University),Takao Harada
  4. Inspection and Repair of the Deteriorated Rt.72 Manahawkin Bay Bridge
    Hannah Cheng(New Jersey Department of Transportation),Gregory Renman and Richard Dunne
  5. Evaluation of Damage to Reinforcing Bars in ASR-Affected Concrete Structures
    Kenji Kosa(Kyushu Institute of Technology),Hiroki Goda, and Hiroyuki Igarashi

10:00 Morning Break

10:25 Session 7: Design
Moderators: Mark Capron and Eiki Yamaguchi

  1. Design/Build of I-35W Bridge Replace
    Thomas A. DeHaven((California, South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky and Wisconsin); Certified by NCEES)
  2. Analysis of Influence of Breaking Members of Steel through Truss Bridges
    Kazunori Yamaguchi(Japan Bridge Engineering Center)
  3. FHWA Support of the I-35W Bridge Collapse Investigation (No Paper)
    Joey Hartmann(Federal Highway Administration)
  4. Study and Reinforcement on Cracks at Beam-to-Column Connection Welding
    Kiyoshi Yamamura(Hanshin Expressway Company Limited)
  5. Operational Importance, Redundancy & Ductility ? Code Considerations for AASHTO LRFD
    Theodore P. Zoli(Columbia University (New York, NY) Princeton University (Princeton, NJ))

11:55 Lunch Break

13:15 Session 8: Maintenance II
Moderators: Bojidar Yanev and Takashi Tamakoshi

  1. Missions and Particular Activities of Center of Advanced Engineering Structural Assessment and Research (CAESAR)
    Atsushi Yoshioka(PWRI)
  2. The Measure Towards Maintenance by New Technology for Expressway Bridges in Japan
    Shuhei Sakai(Nippon Expressway Research Institute Company Limited)
  3. A Strategic Roadmap for Bridge Preservation Research
    Ian M. Friedland(U.S. Department of Transportation),John M. Hooks
  4. Maintenance of Concrete Bridges Deteriorated by Chloride Attack in Japan
    Yoshitomi Kimura(PWRI),Hiroshi Watanabe, and Eisuke Nakamura
  5. Study for Securing Soundness of PC Structures
    Toshiaki Nanazawa(NILIM),Takashi Tamakoshi

15:15 Afternoon Break

15:40 Session 9:Breakout Sessions

    Seismic - Nolte Room
    Discussion Leaders: David Sanders and Yoshihiro Nakao

    Maintenance - Humphrey Room
    Discussion Leaders: Ian Friedland and Yoshitomi Kimura

September 24, Wednesday - Day 3 Workshop

8:30 Session 10: Concrete II
Moderators: M. Saiid Saiidi and Yoshiki Tanaka

  1. Research and Development on Seismic Design Methods for Precast Concrete Bridge Columns
    Shigeki Unjoh (PWRI)
  2. Field and Laboratory Study of Precast Composite Slab Span System
    Carol Shield(University of Minnesota), Cathy French , and Matthew Smith
  3. Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Precast Reinforced-Concrete Bridge-Pier
    Satoru Nonaka(P.S.Mitsubishi Construction Co.,Ltd.), Masahiro Nakai, Shigeki Unjoh, and Junichi Sakai
  4. Pile to Slab Bridge Connections
    David H. Sanders(Senior Project Manager Bridge & Structures), Mohamed I. Ayoub, and Ahmed Ibrahim

9:45 Morning Break

10:10 Session 11:Advances in Design
Moderators: Joey Hartmann and Shuhei Sakai

  1. Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Spiral Steel Pipes
    Kiyoshi Ono(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Mitsuyoshi Akiyama and Atsushi Yabumoto
  2. Study on Tenancy Reinforcement using Aramid Rope for RC Bridge Piers with a Reinforcement Termination Point
    Hiroshi Mitamura(Cold Region(PWRI)) and Hiroyuki Ishikawa
  3. An Assessment of Broad Impact of Seasonally Frozen Soil on Seismic Response of Bridges in the U.S. and Japan
    Sri Sritharan(Iowa State University) and Aaron Shelman
  4. Jointless Prestressed Concrete Viaduct Using Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC)
    Tsunehisa Yamaguchi(Kajima Corporation), Masaru Fujishiro, Kumiko Suda and Y. Nagata

11:25 Session 12: Closing Session
Moderators: David Sanders and Masahiro Shirato

Summary from Breakout Groups

Final Comments

    Japanese Side
    US Side

11:50 Lunch

13:30 Government Meeting in Faculty Room