ICHARM hosted the AWCI Session
prior to the 15th AOGEO Symposium

The Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI) Session was convened online on September 21, 2022, as a sectional meeting of The 15th Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO) Symposium. More than 50 people participated, including relevant stakeholders in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, UNESCO-IHP, GRIPS, JAXA, GWP, ADB, and ADBI.

In this session, in addition to the reports on IFI platform activities by individual countries, the participants shared the latest progress and discussed the direction regarding AWCI activities towards the United Nations 2023 Water Conference in the context of the Kumamoto Initiative for Water, the Kumamoto Declaration, and the Chair’s Summary, which were adopted in the 4th Asia Pacific Water Summit, held on April 2022 in Kumamoto City, Japan. Moreover, three thematic presentations introduced cutting-edge research and development cases in science, governance, and finance. The results of the session were presented at the 15th AOGEO symposium from September 28 to 30 and included in the statement of the symposium.

The participants of the AWCI session
The participants of the AWCI session

The agenda and the presentation files of the meeting are available at the following address:


1. Opening
 - Dr. Abou Amani, UNESCO-IHP
 - Prof. Kenzo Hiroki, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
 - Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM

2. Country Reports on the Platform on Water Resilience and Disasters
 - Philippines 1
 - Philippines 2
 - Philippines 3
 - Philippines 4
 - Indonesia
 - Sri Lanka

3. Thematic Presentations
 - Science: Dr. Riko Oki, JAXA
 - Governance: Mr. Fany Wedahuditama, GWP Southeast Asia
 - Finance: Dr. Alessio Giardino, ADB

4. Sharing from ADBI
 - Mr. Dwiky Wibowo, ADBI

5. Discussion on Inputs into the Statement of 15th AOGEO Symposium
 - Chair: Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM

*The 15th AOGEO symposium