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"Comprehensive Tsunami Disaster Prevention" Training Course

2 June -11 July, 2008 Tsukuba, Japan

The Indian Ocean Tsunami on 26th December 2004 caused about 230,000 casualties and enormous property damage along the Indian Ocean. This giant loss is basically due to the lack of proper awareness and prepardness for tsunami disasters from national government level to local level.

Japan has a long experience with tsunami disasters. The 1896 Meiji-sanriku Tsunami caused about 22,000 casualties, for example. Because of that, Japan has been making major efforts to enhance tsunami disaster prevention.

To make good use of such experiences toward tsunami disaster countermeasures in developing countries, ICHARM launches the "UN/ISDR Tsunami Disaster Prevention Training Course" for section chief-level personnel who are responsible for promoting tsunami disaster mitigation.

The overall objective is to develop human resources who work for comprehensive tsunami disaster mitigation including structural measures, tsunami early warning systems, local disaster management plans in developing countries. After returning their home countries, they are also expected to share the information and know-how acquired through the course among fellow personnel in tsunami disaster mitigation.

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Technical Note of PWRI No.4114/ICHARM No.8

Report on "UN/ISDR Comprehensive Tsunami Disaster Prevention Training Course" issued!