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"Flood Hazard Mapping" Training Course & Follow-up Seminar

I. Preface

The Government of Japan extends official development assistance (ODA) to developing countries to support self-help efforts that will lead to economic progress and a better life for the citizens of those countries.

Since its foundation in 1974, the Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) has implemented Japan's technical cooperation under the ODA program.

Currently, JICA conducts such activities as training, dispatch of experts, provision of equipment, project-type technical cooperation, development studies, dispatch of cooperation volunteers (JOCV), and survey and administration of capital grant aid programs.

The training program for overseas participants is one of JICA's fundamental technical cooperation activities for developing countries. Participants come from overseas in order to obtain knowledge and technology in a wide variety of fields.

The objectives of the JICA training program are:

1. to contribute to the development of human resources which will promote the advancement of developing countries, and

2. to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship.

This training course "Flood Hazard Mapping" started for the first time in fiscal 2004, as a regional-focused training course for the East and Southeast Asian countries, and will be accepting 16 trainees (2 from each country) each year until fiscal 2008.

It is aimed at contributing to mitigate flood disasters in the Asia monsoon region by providing the practical techniques on producing flood hazard map and enhancing the understanding on how effective this map is in mitigating flood damages to the technical managers and engineers who are engaged in flood or river management in the public sectors.