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PWRI provides up-to-date information about researches and various events.

[Major contents]

  • ・Research activities (Reports on disasters and accident investigations, research findings, etc.)
  • ・PWRI events (Lectures, open houses, various events, etc.)
  • ・Public offering information (Offerings of collaborative researchers, offerings of exchange researchers, etc.)
  • ・Introduction of research activities in individual research teams (HP update, etc.)

You need to register for e-mail magazine service to receive the above service. If you want to stop receiving the e-mail magazine, please cancel your e-mail address.

Terms of Services

Please read through these Terms of Services carefully. By registering for PWRI e-mail magazines, it shall be construed that you have agreed to the Terms of Services below.

Use of the service

PWRI e-mail magazine service intends to provide information about researches and various events. PWRI e-mail magazines are free of charge and available to anyone. Subscribers are free to cancel at any time with no penalty fee.

DOs and DON'Ts for Use

  1. PWRI only accepts registrations from companies or departments and not from individuals. Please avoid using personal e-mail address.
  2. If the e-mail address you provided upon registration continuously does not accept the delivery of magazines for three times, your e-mail address will be deleted from this service.
  3. PWRI reserves the right to delete registered e-mail address or discontinue service without prior notice.

Contact information

Please contact PWRI at for information about this service.