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Information Services

Our information disclosure is based on the Section 1 in the Article 22 of the Act as well as the Article 12 of the Order for Enforcement

1. Information about organization
(1) Outline of objectives and operations as well as relationships with government policies
(3) Criteria of exectives' compensation and retirement benefit as well as criteria of employee salaries and retirement benefit
(4) PWRI exectives' salary standard
2. Information about operations
(2) Mid-term plans, Fiscal year plans and plans for the latest other operations
(3) Plans on risk management
(4) Provisions about contract systems
(5) How to calculate charges including usage fees and commission fees, which are collected in accordance with the regulations
  • Commission fee concerned with information disclosure shall be the same as that of administrative organs.
(6) Policy on making efficient use of staff
3. Information about Finance
(1) balance sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and the latest other financial documents
4. Information about evaluation and audit
(1) Research evaluation and research evaluation committee reports
(2) Supervisor's or auditor's most recent perspectives
(3) The latest audit results by Certified certified public accountant or audit firm
(4) The latest inspection results by the Board of Audit of Japan
  • No relevant subjects
5. Information about competitive funds
6. Other information
(1) Relationships with names and operations of corporation provided in government ordinance of the Section 1-3 in the Article 22 of the Act.
  • No relevant subjects
(2) Aids and transactions to related corporations from incorporated administrative agency as well as reemployment status
  • No relevant subjects