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Promotion of integration of different fields and reinforcement of horizontal collaboration between research institutes in Tsukuba Science City.

- AIST and PWRI signed Collaboration and Cooperation Agreement -

PWRI (Chief Executive Mr.Tadahiko Sakamoto) signed the Agreement with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) on July 26, 2007.


PWRI Chief Executive Mr.Sakamoto (left) and AIST President Mr.Yoshikawa (right)


  • We produce innovations from Tsukuba by systematic integration of different fields between research institutes in Tsukuba Science City
  • Both research institutes promote systematically and smoothly broad collaboration and cooperation mainly in the fields of geology, geo-technology, material engineering, environmental study, information technology and biology
  • We fulfill social contribution through research and development to establish safe and secure infrastructures and realize sustainable societies

The AIST [President Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa] and the PWRI [Chief Executive Mr. Tadahiko Sakamoto] signed the Collaboration and Cooperation Agreement aiming at the promotion of academic and industrial technologies in Japan and contribution to the establishment of safe, secure and sustainable societies.
Under this agreement, PWRI and AIST are collaborating and cooperating in various fields, especially in geology, geo-technology, material engineering, environmental study, information technology and biology by exchanging their advantages and specialty areas, and also promoting mutual use of research facilities and equipments and exchanging of researches by researchers. Therefore we match research themes systematically to streamline researches and developments. In addition, we decided to promote the collaborative project, "Research on the integrated underground structure data base", which is currently under process and to integrate geological information and geo-technological mechanics information. We aim to produce high-grade innovation and contribute to the innovations from Tsukuba by blending various fields in future.
In parallel, we contribute to societies through promotion of close collaboration and cooperation in researches of mutual fields by technology transfer of both institutes to society for promotion of academic and industrial development and realization of safe, secure and sustainable societies.


Chief Executive Mr.Tadahiko Sakamoto signing the agreement

 Social background

More than 25 years have passed since the National Research Institutes were transferred to Tsukuba Science City. Synergies generated by the cooperation in various projects and researchers are considered insufficient.
Also in the third fundamental plan of the Council for Science and Technology Policy, necessity of collaboration and integration between research institutes in Tsukuba Science City was mentioned. We have to reinforce the collaboration in near future. The agreement was concluded for integration of broad and high-level research potentials in the research institutes in Tsukuba Science City. Activities have started between both institutes to promote efficient research and development systematically.


In the field of geology, AIST and PWRI have been undertaking collaborative research "Integrated underground data base" since FY2006 with the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology.
Also in the field of environmental study, both institutes have been undertaking collaborative researches including effective utilization of sewage sludge since FY2001. And also, they have also been promoting individual research exchanges.
In variety of fields including geology, geo-technology, material engineering, environmental study, information technology and biology, both institutes seek cooperative researches with high research potential, and are aiming at horizontal close cooperation and collaboration that can generate field-integrated research results.

 Contents of the agreement
Social contribution through promotion of close collaboration in mutual research fields, cooperative research, joint progress and research and development
Promotion of research and development in mutually relative fields, mutual use of research facilities and equipments, mutual support including exchanging of researches by researchers
Collaborative meetings effecting the decision-making
This agreement is effective until year 2010, and will be extended based on mutual agreement.
 Future plan

Under this agreement, institutes will exchange research information and inspect the institutes mutually to set up collaborative research theme, and will also promote collaborative research in various fields and match research themes of both the institutes.
Furthermore, institutes will promote the "Integrated underground structure data base research" which is under progress, while collaborating in geophysical survey of ground, development of technology for measures against environmental pollution in the ground and water purification technology and application of grid data in analysis of floods for contributing to the creation of field-integrated innovation from Tsukuba.

 Explanation of terms

Integrated underground structure data base
Organize and publish geological and engineering information including boring data of underground structure of plain field in cities as a data base of earthquake disaster prevention and environment conservation. It is expected to become high grade data base as integrating information of geology and engineering regarding underground structures.


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