Research Activities

Research Cooperation Agreement
with the Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy

On September 20, 2007, an Agreement of Cooperation between the Romanian Academy Institute of Geography and the Public Works Research Institute was formally concluded in Bucharest, Romania. This agreement stipulates "Comparative Study on Recent Method Used in Landslide Forecast" to be an area of cooperative research, and aims at landslide material predictions and the upgrade of landslide risk evaluation through such measures as research exchanges in the field of geological management technologies.. Future research projects and information and personnel exchanges between the two institutes were also determined.

The formal signing ceremony was attended by four members of the Romanian Academy Institute of Geography, including Dr. Monica Dumitrascu and Dr. Mihaela Constantin, while Mr. Ishida of the Landslide Team led a group of three members from PWRI. After the conclusion of the agreement, a consensus was reached on the policy for future research projects, and a survey was conducted at Buzau - a Romanian landslide disaster experimental site in a region with a high composition of marl (unconsolidated lime-rich rock).

Signing Ceremony
A handshake upon the conclusion of the Agreement of Cooperation
Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy