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Collaboration and Cooperation Agreement between Kumamoto city and Public Works Research Institute (PWRI) in the field of civil engineering technologies

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1 Objectives of the agreement

Kumamoto City and PWRI shall comprehensively collaborate and cooperate with each other in the field of civil engineering to improve and manage high quality infrastructures in an efficient manner. They shall collaborate and cooperate for the following matters.

(1) Establishment of partnership and resolution of technical issues
(2) Improvement of technical capabilities in society, and evolution of technologies through sharing of technical information
(3) Nurturing and cultivating engineering talent

2 Background and features of the agreement

PWRI has been contributing in producing improvement and management of high quality infrastructures through research and development of civil engineering technologies and by offering technical assistance and promoting research results. In the future, we would like to strengthen collaboration with local governments that play a key role in infrastructure improvement, and provide technical support according to actual needs. This agreement with Kumamoto city is the first agreement made with any local government. Therefore, we would like to consider this agreement as a model case in various situations.
Kumamoto city is currently working on important projects including vitalization of the center urban area and improvement of urban infrastructure for opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen (bullet train) Kagoshima Route. During this period, it is important to keep existing facilities in good shape for the city. However, this will become more important, if the city joins the government decreed cities in future. Therefore, this agreement will help in improving technical capabilities of researchers who play a major role in the development of the city.

3 Major activities under this collaboration
(1) We will set up contact counters on both sides for collaboration and cooperation, and exchange opinions periodically. We will offer technical advice and assistance for projects to be undertaken by the city.
(2) We will exchange information and provide technical support to solve various problems in Kumamoto city.
(Major issues)
(1) Efficient maintenance technology for road structures
(2) River restoration technology enabling quick regeneration and coexistence
(3) Effective and efficient maintenance of sewage system
(3) Understanding the actual needs and nurturing engineering talent in Kumamoto city
Establishment of cooperation in the civil engineering field gives proper environment for staff members to exchange their ideas. Engineers will be dispatched from Kumamoto city to PWRI as researchers.
4. Agreement

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