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PWRI tightens partnership with Tokyo University of Science

On March 24, 2017, the Public Works Research Institute (PWRI), headed by President Taketo Uomoto, concluded a cooperative partnership agreement with the Graduate School of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Science and Technology of Tokyo University of Science (TUS), headed by Dean Yasushi Idemoto.

President Uomoto (left) and Dean Idemoto (right)
President Uomoto (left) and Dean Idemoto (right)
挨拶をする魚本理事長 挨拶をする井手本学部長
President Uomoto and Dean Idemoto exchange greetings

The purposes and contents of the agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to build a closer tie between PWRI and TUS in order to contribute to the development of science and technology in Japan. Under this agreement, the two institutes will work together to stimulate and promote research and education in both entities by maximizing their human, institutional, and other resources for research and development and by cooperating with each other in the exchange and training of students and scientists who will be the main actors in propelling innovative and practical research and development and in building a future society in general.

Four key actions are proposed in the agreement:

  1. Cooperation in research and development such as joint research
  2. Cooperation in the development and exchange of human resources
  3. Reciprocal access to each other's laboratories and other facilities
  4. Cooperation in other areas necessary to achieve the purpose of the agreement

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