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Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2003

Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2003 PDF(115KB)

No. itle Research Team PDF
1.Examination of quantitative evaluation methods of influence of river environment Advanced Technology PDF(P.1)
2.Research on cost-effectiveness methods to alleviate heat island phenomena Hydrologic Engineering PDF(P-2)
3. Research on accuracy improvement of hydrological observation Hydrologic Engineering PDF(P-3)
4.Study on discharge water temperature and turbidity control in dam reservoir Dam Hydraulic Engineering PDF(P-4)
5.Survey on high-degree application system of sludge retention energy Recycling PDF(P-5)
6.Research on geophysical exploration techniques for the near surfaces in urban area Construction Technology Research Department PDF(P-6)
7.A feasibility study on dating method based upon a paleoenvironment variation for disaster prediction Geology PDF(P-7)
8.Study on establishment for ground observation method in tunnel construction Tunnel PDF(P-8)
9.Development of Hybrid Vibration Experiment Technique for assessing seismic performance of pile foundations with superstructure Ground Vibration PDF(P-9)
10.Development of technology for performance evaluation of reinforcement arrangement for reinforced concrete structures Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-10)
11.Test survey on earthquake resistant limit state design for whole systems of bridge which considers reliability Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-11)
12.Evaluation methods of dam safety based on its behavior Dam Structure PDF(P-12)
13.Rationalization of design and execution works of concrete dams Dam Structure PDF(P-13)
14.Research on hydraulic design methods of additional discharge facilities for effective use of existing dam Dam Hydraulic Engineering PDF(P-14)
15.Study on rational design method of shield tunneling Tunnel PDF(P-15)
16.A study on application of FEM analysis to the design of steel girder bridges Bridge Structure PDF(P-16)
17.A study on the design method for floating bridges Bridge Structure PDF(P-17)
18.A study on effective utilization of laumontite-bearing rocks as a dam concrete aggregate Geology PDF(P-18)
19.The research on the pavement structure which considered urban environment Pavement PDF(P-19)
20.Study on application of new materials to structures Bridge Structure PDF(P-20)
21.Evaluation and development of road constructions, which reduce influence on road traffic Construction Technology PDF(P-21)
22.Research on maintenance and management planning of concrete structures Structure Management Technology PDF(P-22)
23.Development of repair technology for existent concrete structures Structure Management Technology PDF(P-23)
24.An investigation on the efficiency of non-destructive inspections for concrete structures Structure Management Technology PDF(P-24)
25.Research on application of pavement management systems Pavement PDF(P-25)
26.The improvement of construction performance of the thin pavement on bridge Pavement PDF(P-26)
27.Research on the economical method for the excavation of long tunnel Tunnel PDF(P-27)
28. A study on monitoring technology of the degradiation of a steel structure Bridge Structure PDF(P-28)
29. Test survey on upgrading of functions of bridge base structure construction Foundation Engineering PDF(P-29)
30. Test survey on aging and deterioration of surface water and underground water drainage facilities at landslide slope Niigata Experimental Laboratory PDF(P-30)