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Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2004

Public Works Research Institute Result Report 2004 PDF(131KB)

No. itle Research Team PDF
1.Environmental function of lakeshore vegetation River Restoration PDF(P.1)
2.Research on water and material cycle in urbanizing river catchments Hydrologic Engineering PDF(P-2)
3. Research on development of groundwater modeling considering uncertainty of permeability distribution Dam Structure PDF(P-3)
4.Research on technology for understanding of flow situations of underground water Niigata Experimental Laboratory PDF(P-4)
5.Research on field measurements for evaluating dynamic properties of the surface ground Construction Technology Research Department PDF(P-5)
6.Research on methods to set trigger level of vibration type debris flow detection sensor Volcano and Debris Flow PDF(P-6)
7.Research on conditions of places where large displacement landslides occur Landslide PDF(P-7)
8.Survey on landslide warning level based on precipitation index Landslide PDF(P-8)
9.Study on upgrading and systematization of highway earthworks manuals Construction Technology PDF(P-9)
10.Research on upgrading and systematization of “Guidelines for Highway Earthwork” series GSoil Mechanics PDF(P-10)
11.Study on development and systematizing of specifications for road earthworks Foundation Engineering PDF(P-11)
12.A study on the performance specification of subgrade in consideration of the durability of pavement Construction Technology PDF(P-12)
13.Survey on performance specifications for roadbed that considers durability of pavement (2) Pavement PDF(P-13)
14.Study on practical design procedure for pile foundation in liquefiying soils considering ground deformation Ground Vibration PDF(P-14)
15.International cooperative research for seismic performance evaluation methods of structures (1) Earthquake Engineering PDF(P-15)
16.International cooperative research for seismic performance evaluation methods of structures (2) RFoundation Engineering PDF(P-16)
17.Study on the rational design method of tunnel lining Tunnel PDF(P-17)
18.A study on numerical modeling of deep foundations for the seismic performance assessment of highway bridges Foundation Engineering PDF(P-18)
19.Study on recycling technology of wood from construction site Construction Technology PDF(P-19)
20.Design method of RC members using high strength rebar as shear reinforcement Structure Management Technology PDF(P-20)
21.Study on inspection/quality control method of concrete structures using non-destructive tests Structure Management Technology PDF(P-21)
22.Accelerated test method for polymer structural materials for construction Advanced Materials PDF(P-22)
23.Study on recovery of low noise and the low vibration function of pavement Pavement PDF(P-23)
24.Study on fire-proof characteristic of tunnel lining concrete Tunnel PDF(P-24)
25.Survey on application of FRP to road structures Bridge Structure PDF(P-25)
26.Use of non-construction by-products to pavementPavement PDF(P-26)
27.Application of information technology to develop information integrated construction technologies Advanced Technology PDF(P-27)
28. Development of technology to shorten flyover construction work at intersections Advanced Technology PDF(P-28)
29. Development of the method to reduce on-site work period on Over-pass Construction Project Construction Technology PDF(P-29)
30. Development of construction shortening technology on the street, such as crossing solidification Pavement PDF(P-30)
31. Development of the rapid construction technology of grade separation project Foundation Engineering PDF(P-31)
32. Evaluation and development of technology for measures against dust Construction Technology PDF(P-32)
33. Evaluation on the loosen ground around a damaged sewer pipe and its measures Soil Mechanics PDF(P-33)
34. Investigation on redevelopment technique of concrete dams Dam Structure PDF(P-34)
35. Investigation on heightening techniques for embankment dams Dam Structure PDF(P-35)
36. Development of rational repair and reinforcement of damaged existing tunnel Tunnel PDF(P-36)
37. Investigation of emission volume from car in tunnel Tunnel PDF(P-37)
38. SResearch on evaluation of structural soundness and development of bridge management system Bridge Structure PDF(P-38)
39. Research on evaluation method of soundness of bridge substructures Foundation Engineering PDF(P-39)